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- Financial Freedom

- YOU determine your time and pace 

- Good health

- Free time

- No stress

- Good pension

- Hereditary income

- Lead your own company risk-free

I am Cynthia Geysen, born in 1976 in Antwerp (Belgium), as a daughter of independent business owners. My parents had a thriving business during the 'Golden Years' and showed me that if you work hard, you can reach whatever you want. They 'retired' at age 40, thanks to their hard work and tough business mind.


After a successful career in banking, insurance and translating in Luxemburg, I decided to start up my own business, together with my ex-partner. We had multiple online shops in different sectors and worked from home around our 2 daughters. The business grew bigger and bigger and resulted in a large import and export company in Luik (Belgium). Unfortunately, after the deceit of a partner in our organisation, very difficult years followed. This and other things made us decide to divorce and sell the business (or what was left of it) and go our own ways.


After this, I met my current husband, whith whom I had another child in 2014.


We both worked fulltime, but because of a very ugly divorce, my health went down the drain and working in a normal working environement became impossible.


Over and over again, being an independent business owner, called upon me. I wanted to have my own business again and decide myself when and how I wanted to work, instead of 'selling' my precious time to an employer. An employer that by 'buying' people's precious time, would reach HIS dreams and goals, while the employees are tied to a fixed income that hardly ever goes up. The ratrace didn't make me happy and I guess you also don't WANT to be in it anymore.


AND THEN, I came accross this beautiful network marketing company. I have built up my network, gave it my full attention, while working at my health at the same time. The rest is history. I have been working around my family for more then 3 years now, I am there when they need me, I choose myself with whom I want or don't want to work, when I work and how I do it. I manage it all and it made me dream again. Every day I realise that this is the company that makes it possible for me to achieve my own goals and dreams, while helping others to do the same. All of this already resulted in an above average income, qualifying for incentives and extras, and most of all: a FREE life.


I will never have to work for an amployer again. Never will I have to make somebody else rich again except myself. Thanks to the force of duplication, I have learned to multiply my time, to pimp my income and all of this, while teaching others how they can do the same, without financial risks.


Don't doubt any longer. Ask for your free call NOW!


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